Deferred Students FAQ

Deferred Students

What does it mean to have a deferred decision?

During the application review process, our committee makes one of three decisions: to accept, defer or deny admission. Deferred students are early applicants who may be eligible for admission. However, the admissions committee needs to assess the entire applicant pool and/or receive additional information reflecting a more comprehensive academic profile (e.g. first semester grades, additional test scores if applicable, etc.).

What can I do to support my application?

Your academic profile is the most important part of your application file, so please report any developments. We encourage you to:

  • submit your first semester or most recent grade report.
  • have your counselor submit the most current cumulative GPA and class rank (if available).
  • request transcripts from any community college reflecting dual enrollment coursework (if applicable).
  • if applying using test scores, submit any new scores.

Where should I send additional materials?

Additional materials should be sent to:

College of Charleston
Office of Admissions
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424-0001
Fax: 843.953.6322

When will I receive my final decision?

Deferred students will be reviewed in the Regular Decision round. Regular Decision admissions decisions are released on March 1.