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Visiting Campus

 How can I make my campus tour reservation?

Campus tours can be scheduled scheduled online! Or, you can email with your preferred tour date/time, or call 843.953.5670 during business hours. To schedule a tour, we will need the student’s name, home address, high school name, high school graduation year, date of birth, and the desired date/time.

When are campus tours offered?

Campus tours are offered 2-3 times a day, Monday through Friday. Typical times are 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and/or 1:30 p.m. For specific tour times for the date you plan to visit, please refer to our events calendar.

What can I do if I’m planning to visit on a weekend or when campus tours aren't available?

Our self-guided walking tour brochure is a wonderful resource to help you navigate campus on your own! You can pick one up at our office Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., or in the information case in front of our front doors after hours. Be sure to preview our virtual facilities tour before your trip to get a sneak peek at what you’ll see on campus. If you’re visiting campus Monday through Friday between 8:30 .a.m. and 5:00 p.m., be sure to stop at the Office of Admissions (65 George Street) to speak with one of our staff and get answers to any questions you may have.

Will I get a confirmation after making my reservation for a campus tour?

Yes! Immediately after your tour is scheduled, we’ll send a confirmation email to the address you provided when you registered. (We’ll also send an email reminder the Thursday before your trip!)

Are there any opportunities to visit a class or visit campus overnight?

The College offers classroom visit opportunities where you may attend a class visit in the academic area of your choice. If you're interested, sign up on the waitlist through our events calendar at least two weeks prior to your preferred date. Once your visit has been arranged, we'll email you a visit itinerary. Due to campus security measures, the Office of Admissions is unable to arrange for students to stay overnight on campus.

Do you offer open houses or other visit opportunities?

We offer many opportunities each year for students to explore campus in a more expanded visit than a typical tour. On these days, families create their own schedule from campus tours, residence hall drop-ins, information sessions, student panels and more; it's up to you to build your day!

Before Applying

What are the College's application deadlines?

Application deadlines vary based on the type of admission for which you are applying:

Freshmen applicants

  • Spring enrollment- December 1   
  • Fall enrollment:
    • Early decision- October 15
    • Early action- December 1
    • Regular notification- February 15

Transfer applicants

  • Spring enrollment- December 1
  • Fall enrollment- June 1

International freshmen applicants

  • Spring enrollment- November 1
  • Fall enrollment:
    • Early decision- October 15
    • Early action- December 1
    • Regular notification- March 1

International transfer applicants

  • Spring enrollment- November 1
  • Fall enrollment- June 1


  • Spring enrollment- November 1
  • Fall enrollment- May 1

What materials are required to complete my application file?

Freshman applicants must submit the online application and $50 application fee, high school transcript and (if choosing to submit) SAT/ACT/TOEFL/IELTS/ITEP results.

Transfer students must submit: the online application (with the option to include a personal statement) and a $50 application fee, as well as college transcript(s) of all schools, attended previously. (If you've earned fewer than 24 college credits by the time you apply, you must also submit your official final high school transcript as well as their official SAT or ACT scores from the testing agency.)

Does the College require recommendation letters?

Recommendation letters are not required for undergraduate admission. But, if you would like to send letters of recommendation, please limit them to two and request them from guidance/college counselors and/or teachers. You can mail, email or fax letters ( or 843.953.6322), or upload them via Parchment. 

The Honors College requires one recommendation from a teacher in one of the following subject areas: English, math, science, history or a foreign language. You will provide us your preferred teacher's first name, last name and email address and the Honors College will reach out to them to solicit a reference. Your recommender must complete the Honors College recommendation for your application to be complete. Please contact for more information on how to submit your letter of recommendation.

Does the College superscore the ACT/SAT?

Yes! We superscore. Superscoring enables us to take a student’s subsection scores (even if they’re from different test dates) for an overall combined score that’s higher than any individual test score. 

Who is my admission counselor? (Is it okay to contact them directly? And if so, how?)

We strongly encourage you to reach out to your counselor. Get to know them and be sure they know you! Your counselor is your first point of contact for all matters related to your college search and the application process! Counselors are assigned geographic territories, so your counselor is determined based on the high school you attend or your hometown. Find your counselor

Does the College require an admission interview?

Formal interviews are not a formal part of the admissions process, but admissions counselors offer sit-downs. Sit downs are informal chats for your counselor to get to know you better. Sit downs are offered either in person (while a counselor is traveling in your area) or via Skype (online video chat). Feel free to contact your admissions counselor directly to schedule your sit down.

Should I apply for early decision (by Oct. 15), early action (prior to Dec. 1), or regular notification (prior to Feb. 15)?

If the College of Charleston is your first choice, and you won't use scholarships and financial aid as a primary factor for deciding which school is the best fit for youthen the early decision is the best choice for you! Early decision (ED) is a binding commitment - if accepted for early decision, you agree to withdraw all applications from any other colleges to which you applied. And, you must submit a nonrefundable deposit by January 1. 

We encourage you to apply during our early action (EA) application period (prior to Dec. 1), if the College of Charleston is one of your top choices and you're confident in your academic profile at the time you apply. If you apply by Dec. 1, the admissions committee will make a decision based on your high school grades through junior year and (if submitting them) your SAT/ACT scores submitted through November. Our early action application deadline is not binding. And, you'll receive your decision by February 1, which can ease some of the natural anxiety incurred during the application process. If admitted, you’ll need to make a final decision about your school for the fall by May 1.

If you would like for the admissions committee to see fall semester grades from your senior year and/or future test scores—you may wish to apply by our regular notification deadline (prior to Feb. 15). You’ll receive your admissions decision by April 1 and will need to make a final commitment to a school by May 1.

Understand that the admissions committee may decide they need to see more information (e.g., senior year grades) before making a decision. Therefore, they may opt to defer your application from early decision/action to regular notification. Ultimately, the choice is up to you! But don't hesitate to contact your counselor if you want more information.

Does the College have an application fee? If so, how much is it? 

The College of Charleston application fee is $50. Students receiving College Board, ACT, or NACAC waivers may use those waivers to cover the application fee; just be sure to send your waiver to the Office of Admissions along with transcripts for processing.

Are students accepted based on their major?

While we need you to include your current academic area(s) of interest on your application, you'll be accepted as an undecided major. You'll have up until the end of your sophomore year to declare. A liberal arts curriculum allows your academic plan to grow and evolve with you! You may come with one major in mind but discover a whole new passion after taking a class or two. But remember, tell us your intended major at the time you apply so we can send you information to help you in your college search.

Is there a way to know which of my classes will transfer before I apply?

Pre-Transfer Advisors are available to meet with prospective students in-person, or via phone, Skype or FaceTime to discuss how previous coursework may transfer to the College and fulfill degree requirements. To schedule an appointment with a Pre-Transfer Advisor, contact the Transfer Resource Center at 843.953.1135.  You can also use the Transfer Equivalency Database to check which courses have transferred historically. This database contains a history of how courses have transferred to the College; it does not represent a comprehensive list of transferable coursework from any school. The Transfer Equivalency Database is an unofficial resource to identify potential transfer credit and College of Charleston course equivalents. It is neither an official determination nor a guarantee of transfer credit award. The Transfer Resource Center will complete an official credit evaluation once you're admitted and have submitted all official college transcripts.

Which application method should I use?

We do not have a preference on which application you choose. Regardless of your application choice, you must create a CofC Admissions Portal account to track your application status. This is where we will communicate what is needed to complete your application file by the deadline, what items we have received, and additional enrollment steps for accepted students. 

Applicant Questions

Where can I get help if I’m having difficulty with the application?

Refer to the email you received when you first set up your application account for some basic tips regarding the application form. If you continue having difficulty, contact with a screenshot of the problem you’re experiencing or call 843.953.5670 during business hours.

What do I do if I've forgotten my username/password and can't log in to my application?

The username is always your complete email address that you provided to set up your account. Click on forgot password and enter your email address - an email will be sent to reset your password (be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder). If a password reset email is not received within 1 hour, contact or call 843.953.5670 during business hours.

May I make a change or add to my application after I've submitted it? And if so, how?

Contact with the updated information or correction that needs to be made.

How do I confirm that the admissions office received my application (or other required material such as SAT/ACT scores, transcript, etc.)?

Once your application has been submitted, you’ll be able to view your checklist within your application account. (Quick tip: always log into your account using your email address as the username.) Your checklist shows you what materials have been received and what remains missing. If you don’t see the checklist, make sure that you submitted the application. If you see “finish application”, your application has not yet been submitted and must be done before you can be considered an applicant to the College of Charleston.

How do I track the status of my admission application?

Your portal account will show what materials have been received for your file and is also the first place your admissions decision will be posted, once made. You will be notified via email if your application remains incomplete; once your application file is completed you will receive confirmation that your file is being reviewed.

When and how will I hear if I’ve been admitted?

Application type Apply by Get your decision by
Early decision October 15 December 1
Early action December 1 February 1
Regular notification February 15 April 1

Notification dates and methods vary depending on your start term and student type:

  • Spring freshman applicants will receive a decision via email once available.
  • Transfer, readmit and second-degree applicants will receive a decision via email, as well as on their portal, immediately once a decision has been made. Decision letters are not mailed for transfer, readmit, or second-degree applicants.

Can I appeal my admission decision?

Students may appeal their decision only if there is substantial new academic information that the committee was not aware of at the time of the original decision (typically additional grades or missing test scores). An applicant should not appeal just to request a second review of their application. The committee will review appeals and render a decision before the deposit deadline for each semester (May 1 for fall, January 1 for spring). The committee only accepts student-written letters of appeal. The student should email an appeal request to, and the subject must be marked "Appeal of admissions decision for {student’s name}".

If I applied to the College after the deadline, when will I receive my decision?

Admissions decisions are made on a space-available basis for students who apply after their posted deadline. In order for a review to begin, all required documents must be on file. Notification of admission cannot be guaranteed by any specific date for late applicants.

I graduated from high school and did dual enrollment, but I’m in my first semester at a different college. What should I send for my file? 

Students will need to submit their dual enrollment college transcript(s), official high school transcript, and midterms from their current institution.  College transcripts can be unofficial for admissions purposes.  If accepted, students will be required to submit official transcripts for credit evaluation and matriculation.  Please submit transcripts to

I am in high school but earning college credits through an early college/dual enrollment program. Am I a transfer student or freshman?

Students who haven’t graduated from high school yet are always considered freshman applicants. Your college credits will be reviewed in the admissions process and evaluated for transfer credit, but your application status is a first-time college student. Students who have graduated from high school and haven’t taken any college course(s) since graduation are also freshman applicants. 

Admitted Students

How do I submit my (non-refundable) enrollment deposit?

  1. Go to MyCharleston
  2. Select the MyAccounts tab, then scroll to the bottom and click the link that says Log onto eBill account. (Click on the button to Open my eBill Account.)

  3. In the new pop-up window, select Deposits at the top, then select the term (2020 fall).

  4. In the drop-down menu, select enrollment deposit. (The system will prompt you to submit the $400 tuition deposit. This officially confirms your spot in the entering class.)

  5. If you're requesting on-campus housing, repeat No. 3 above, but select housing application fee. The system will prompt you to submit the $50 housing application fee (this will allow you to access the housing application).

  6. After all payments are submitted, you'll need to open the housing application, so: 

    1. Return to the MyCharleston home page.

    2. Click on the MyHousing/Dining button on the right side of the page.

    3. Choose the housing application button. (This is where you'll select your meal plan and hall preferences.)

MyCharleston is not currently accessible in Google Chrome or Safari; you will need to use an alternative browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to set up your account. 

Are my tuition and housing deposits refundable if I decide not to attend?

All deposits are non-refundable and not transferrable to another term. Students who do not plan to enter the College for their initial start term should not pay deposits associated with that term.

I live out of state, but can I qualify for in-state tuition?

If you have questions about securing South Carolina residency for tuition purposes, contact the Office of Legal Residency. The College awards merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen based on GPA, test scores and rank. Dollar amounts vary based on the current year's applicant pool and budget; however, the award may reduce the cost of attendance for academically competitive, out of state students. You can learn more about scholarships here.

How do I cancel or withdraw my application if I have decided not to enroll?

You may complete the form online, or email us to withdraw your application. We must receive your withdrawal in writing and must receive your full legal name and CofC ID to process a withdrawal.

Is it possible to delay my admission to a future term? (If I plan to take a gap year, what should I do?)

Students may request a gap year if they were initially admitted as a freshman and commit that they won’t take college coursework between the time of high school graduation and their enrollment. Be sure to review the qualifications for deferring enrollment/taking a gap year. Get the details here.

What happens after I have confirmed my enrollment?

You'll need to complete the housing application and register for orientationboth of which you'll do in MyCharleston.

Where can I find my transfer credit evaluation?

Accepted Students will access Degree Works in the Admissions tab of MyCharleston. Students who have paid their $400 deposit will find DegreeWorks on the Academic Services tab of MyCharleston.

Students with questions about their transfer evaluation should contact the Transfer Resource Center.

As a transfer student can I defer my enrollment to a future semester? 

Transfer students cannot defer enrollment and will need to reapply for their desired semester.  If you plan to withdraw in order to re-apply for a future semester please email to withdraw your current application.