Patrick Mazur


Patrick Mazur, MBA

Assistant Director, Regional Admissions

Patrick is from Chester County, Pennsylvania and studied photography during his college studies at George Mason University. In 2011, he attended Penn State University to later earn his Master of Business Administration degree in 2013. Currently, Patrick resides in Morrestown, NJ with his family and is looking forward to getting to know you during his upcoming travel season.

Patrick's region: Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania 

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Connect with Patrick:     @cofc_christina




Get to know Patrick:

Where are you from?

Coatesville, Pennsylvania

What did you study in college?


What advice do you have for prospective students?

No amount of research competes with stepping foot on campus and experiencing a school for yourself. Trust your gut.

What advice do you have for parents of prospective students?

Try not to get overwhelmed by the stress of the process. You're watching your son or daughter become who they're going to be.

What is your favorite Charleston tradition?

Charleston Affair Celebration.

Do you have pets?


What talent do you have that would surprise your friends?

I am a former college mascot.