Campus Life

A proud sponsor of happy students since 1770.

This is how you always dreamed college would be: An exciting, world-class education in an exciting, world-class city. Where a school day might start with an outdoors discussion of international economic policy and wrap up with a sunset bonfire at the beach. Where a walk home from the library includes free admission to an open-air jazz concert.

This is the College of Charleston. This is the good life.

Charleston is the best small city in America. Period. There's simply no other town that combines the laid-back beauty, rich history, vibrant culture and diverse social life of our hometown.

The College of Charleston campus is more like a hip, vibrant neighborhood than a fenced-off institution. You'll live and eat in modern residence halls and fresh campus restaurants just steps from the heart of historic downtown.

You'll be busy, but the best kind of busy. Busy trying to squeeze in a trip to the county park's climbing wall between volunteering at a charity dance marathon and attending your roommate's art opening. With more than 240 student clubs and organizations, there's no better place to meet new people, try new things and get involved.

The College has been around for nearly 250 years, so we've learned a thing or two about keeping our students happy, healthy and successful. Come for a visit and we'll show you what makes our college and our college life so special.