Waitlist FAQ

How is the Wait List established? 

Admission for fall 2022 was comprised of the largest, most competitive applicant pool in College of Charleston history. While we would love to offer every student admission to the College of Charleston, we must account for capacity limits in our student housing, course offerings and student services. We know that there are students that would be successful here and we’d be pleased to offer admission if space became available. For now, these students are offered a place on the wait list.


How do I accept my offer for the Wait List?

In your wait list offer letter, there is a form to indicate that you would like to accept a spot on our wait list. You must accept the wait list offer no later than April 4.


What number am I on the wait list?  

While wait lists can mean different things at different institutions, students on the wait list at the College of Charleston are not assigned a numeric value or specific place on the list. Just as with the admissions process, we consider a student based on multiple factors within their application. This is because the spaces that become available are not identical, but instead, call for students from different majors, locations, academic profiles, etc.


What can I do to increase my chance of being admitted off the wait list? 

Connecting with an admissions counselor is the best way to showcase your continued interest in the College of Charleston. As space becomes available, these personal connections go a long way in how your counselor will advocate for your admission.

You do NOT need to send additional grades, letters of recommendation, essays or personal statements to be admitted from the wait list.


Am I more likely to be admitted if I change my major? 

No, your major of choice does not impact your admissions decision. College of Charleston reviews and admits all students regardless of anticipated major. 


When will I hear back with my updated status? 

Once a final admissions decision is made, decisions will be released via the CofC admissions portal and students will be notified by email. The College of Charleston will try to provide students with a final admission decision no later than June 15. The College will inform students selected for admission of their status for campus housing and any financial aid award before requiring an enrollment decision.


If someone else turns down their offer to CofC, does that mean I'll be admitted?  

Numerous components will influence how and when we admit students from our waitlist. If a student turns down their offer of admission to the College of Charleston that does not guarantee an offer for that spot.


Once admitted, what are my next steps for enrollment? 

Once admitted to secure your seat in the fall class you will need to submit your $400 enrollment deposit by May 1. The Office of Admissions strongly encourages students to submit their housing applications by April 29. At this time, freshman housing applications received after April 30 are not guaranteed housing. 

You will be able to register for orientation once the enrollment deposit is submitted. Additional enrollment steps can be found here.


Will I still be considered for scholarships/financial aid? 

The availability of merit scholarships cannot be guaranteed. Those who are admitted will be informed of any merit scholarship earned within their offer of admission.  

To be considered for need-based financial aid, be sure to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and send it to the College of Charleston (school code 003428).


What should I do if I’ve made plans to attend somewhere else instead and want to decline my spot on the wait list?  

We want you to earn your degree from the College of Charleston and are ready to help you stay on your path. If you do not want to join the wait list, we can talk to you about enrolling for the spring term or transferring to the College of Charleston in a future term.

Contact an admissions counselor to begin these conversations. If you decide that you are no longer interested in attending the College of Charleston, you can cancel your application by sending an email to admprocessing@cofc.edu with your name, CofC ID number or date of birth, and a request to withdraw your application. We’ll take care of the rest!