Appealing Your Decision


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Every student who is not offered admission to the College has the right to appeal their decision. Students who have been offered a spot on the waitlist should not appeal – please complete the waitlist form provided within the CofC admissions portal and read the FAQs.


An applicant should only appeal if there is substantial new information that the committee was not aware of at the time of the original decision. An applicant should not appeal just to request a second review of their application. The committee only accepts student-written letters of appeal.


Students should send their appeal to with the subject "Appeal of admissions decision for {insert name of student}". Updated documents should be attached to the appeal request whenever possible, but can be sent directly from the school via SCOIR, Parchment, Naviance or email to


The committee will review appeals and render a decision before the deposit deadline for each semester (May 1 for fall, January 1 for spring) for appeals submitted at least 7 days before the deposit deadline. After that point, appeal decisions will be made on a continuous, space-available basis up until the start of the semester.

The deadline to submit an appeal for fall 21 first-year applicants is June 1, 2021.