Transfer Student Support Services

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We have a number of resources here at the College of Charleston to help transfer students with their transition to the College!

Pre-Transfer Advising

If you’d like to speak with an advisor regarding how your credits will transfer please contact our pre-transfer advisor to request a pre-transfer advising appointment. Our pre-transfer advisor will be able to discuss how your previous college courses will transfer to the College. You can also discuss your future transfer plans and the courses you may take elsewhere to ensure your courses will transfer seamlessly when you are ready to transfer.

Transfer Equivalency Database

This transfer equivalency database contains a history of how courses have transferred to the College of Charleston. It does not represent a comprehensive list of transferable coursework from any school. It is designed to be used as an unofficial resource to identify potential transfer credit and associated College of Charleston course equivalents. It is neither an official determination nor a guarantee of transfer credit award.