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Transfer students make up a large part of the College of Charleston student body. Each year, we welcome many students from other institutions. Whatever your reasons for transferring to the College might be, you’ll find lots of students like you on campus. You will attend orientation with all new incoming students, and have a chance to connect with others before the school year begins.

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There are five categories of transfer students:

  • Transfer students with more than 12 hours of earned college-level credit
  • Transfer students with fewer than 12 hours of earned college-level credit
  • Readmit students — have attended the College of Charleston before
  • Second degree students — have already earned one bachelor’s degree
  • Degree completion – adult learners (21+) who want to complete their bachelor's degree 

Our requirements depend on what type of transfer student you are, so be sure to read those very carefully before you apply. Keep an eye on application deadlines. You will need to complete and submit the entire application pertaining to your category before we can consider you for admission to the College.

The Transfer Resource Center (TRC) is the College of Charleston's space for all things transfer. If you're a prospective, admitted or current student looking to make your credits and time at the College count, it's time to connect with the Transfer Resource Center. Be sure to check out the many resources available to you, information about getting involved as a transfer student and important information about transfer credits.

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