Visiting Students

If you are earning a degree from another institution, but want to take courses at the College of Charleston you are classified as a visiting student.  As a visiting student you may take classes for up to two semesters (fall and spring) within an academic year. If you wish to remain at the College of Charleston after a year you must formally apply and be admitted as a transfer student in order to continue taking classes.


To apply for the fall or spring semesters, you must:

  • Submit the non-degree application.
  • Provide proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Submit a letter from your home institution. The letter must certify that you are currently enrolled (or on a leave of absence) and in good standing at your home institution and are eligible to take courses at the College of Charleston.
  • Provide college transcripts (required for course pre-requisites).

Note: every student must provide proof of U.S. citizenship before being allowed to enroll. To prove U.S. citizenship, applicants must complete the Verification of Lawful Presence form and deliver the original, with a photocopy of your proof document, in person or by mail, to the Registrar’s Office.


Non-degree students with below a 2.0 GPA at the College of Charleston must meet the following deadlines:

  • Spring Semester: Apply by November 1
  • Fall Semester: Apply by May 1

All other non-degree students:

  • Spring Semester: Apply by December 31
  • Fall Semester: Apply by August 15

Financial Aid

Visiting students are not eligible for financial assistance at the College of Charleston.


We are unable to provide a campus parkeing permit to our visiting students, but visit our parking services website for all of the public parking options in the immediate area.

You will receive a College of Charleston Cougar Card, the College’s official identification card, when you register.

Tuition & Fees

Visit the Treasurer's Office regarding tuition and fees.