Dual Enrolled High School Students

Get a jump on your college career.

Local high school students who are exceptionally strong academically are welcome to take college-level courses at the College of Charleston in their senior (and in some cases, junior) year. They will receive college credit for their coursework.


To apply for fall or spring semesters, dual enrolled high school students must: 

  1. Submit the dual enrollment application,
  2. Complete the dual enrollment permission form,
  3. Every student must provide proof of U.S. citizenship.  

* Teacher Cadet students do not need to submit the Dual Enrollment Permission Form.

** Academic departments approve the acceptance of dual enrolled students and their enrollment in courses on a space-available basis. Since these courses carry full college credit, dual enrolled students are subject to all academic and student regulations of the College of Charleston. 


Non-degree students with below a 2.0 GPA at the College of Charleston must meet the following deadlines:

  • Spring Semester: Apply by November 1
  • Fall Semester: Apply by May 1

All other non-degree students:

  • Spring Semester: Apply by December 31
  • Fall Semester: Apply by August 15


Upon acceptance, the student will receive:

  • A CofC ID number (CWID), which is needed to access MyCharleston for the first time.
  • Instructions for accessing MyCharleston and registering for your classes.
  • Instructions for registering for your courses.

Choosing a Course

Dual Enrollment students can register for any courses available at the College as long as they have the required pre-requisites or permission of the academic department. Students may choose courses according to their interests, their schedules or the mode of instruction (on-line, in-person, etc).

Check the Course Schedule and Section Search.

  • Select the term for which you want to review courses from the select-term drop-down box and click the submit button.
  • Select the subject for which you want to see courses and click the submit button.
  • Then select the course for which you want to see schedules.
  • Students may continuously enroll for courses for two semesters (fall and spring or spring and fall) once admitted as dual enrollment students. If additional semesters are requested, an updated dual enrollment application will be required. Summer course registration is a separate process.

Course descriptions are available in the undergraduate catalog. In the top right corner, select the correct catalog year in the drop-down menu.

Tuition & Fees

Visit the Treasurer's Office regarding tuition and fees.

The College of Charleston fee is $450 per student per course for students who meet the SC residency requirements.

A bill is generated once a student registers for courses.