Tuition & Scholarships

The College of Charleston is a state-affiliated institution which means tuition rates differ for resident and non-resident students. While our academic fees are less than those of many other institutions in the state and across the nation, we recognize that the cost of attending college in the US is a significant expense in the family budget.

Here’s what you need to know about international scholarships:

  • All scholarships are renewable up to four years (8 semesters).
  • Students are encouraged to apply early.
  • College of Charleston cannot offer international students need-based financial aid. However, we do award the following scholarships to international students.

$10,000 per year.

The International Ambassador Scholarship is awarded to admitted international students (intended F-1 visa holders).  Please note this scholarship is not stackable with the Eurasia International Ambassador Scholarship or the Sankofa Scholarship.

This $20,830 per year scholarship is available for two qualified students from an African country.The Sankofa Scholarship is designated for two international students from an African country who are academically admissible to the College, with the additional requirement of an essay: “How will you embody the spirit of Sankofa as a College of Charleston student?”   “Sankofa” is derived from the Twi language spoken by the Akan people of Ghana, and it means to go back to the past in order to build for the future.  It is symbolized by the Sankofa bird peering back to retrieve an egg, a symbol of the future.  We must look back in order to move forward. 

“As an international student from Tanzania, East Africa, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship that enabled me to attend the Honors Program at the College of Charleston. The College of Charleston became my “home away from home” where I was inspired by terrific mentors – student peer mentors, faculty, and staff to pursue experiential learning opportunities the CofC  had to offer.  As a testament to the value of our interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Science education, I decided to return, like the Sankofa bird, after my graduate studies and working in the corporate sector to invest in our next generation of student leaders and mentors at the College of Charleston.  As the faculty advisor for our United African Students club, I am looking forward to paying it forward by welcoming our students from Africa into our Cougar learning and mentoring community.”

-Lancie Affonso CofC class of ’96;  Faculty Fellow, Honors College;  Director of Data ScienceUndergraduate Program;  Faculty Mentor, ImpactX 

$20,000 per year.

The Eurasia International Ambassador Scholarship is awarded to international students who are citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. 

“I have unforgettable memories of my time at the College of Charleston as a high school senior attending the Governor's school of South Carolina in the summer of 1997. The College offers a great experience and high quality education not just because of its beautiful and historic campus, but also because of the city of Charleston, one of the most beautiful and oldest American cities. Charleston has been rapidly developing both as a tourist destination but also as an industrial center of the state. The mere presence of the Boeing plant which produces the Dreamliners speaks volumes of the city's economic development.”

-Kadyr Toktogulov, former Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to the USA 

Institutional scholarships are merit-based awards and do not require a separate application. Please note recipients of the Sankofa Scholarship or the Eurasia International Ambassador Scholarship are not eligible for additional merit-based scholarships.

Priority Deadline: January 15

Learn more about Departmental Scholarships.

Priority deadline for Honors College application is December 1 for optimal scholarship consideration.  Regular notification deadline for Honors College is February 15. Learn more about Honors College Scholarships.

The College of Charleston offers resident (in-state) tuition to students participating in the International Sister- State agreement program. The in-state tuition offer for eligible students is applicable to all of our Bachelor and Master’s degree programs. Citizens of the following are eligible for resident (in-state) tuition for the current academic year:

  • Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
  • Thüringen, Germany
  • Brandenburg, Germany
  • Queensland, Australia
  • Taiwan

The Sister-State agreement program was established through the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and the above locations and is offered at-will by the College of Charleston. Applicants must be admitted to an academic degree program at the College of Charleston and must demonstrate citizenship from one of the five Sister-State agreement locations with a valid passport.  Resident (in-state) tuition is applicable throughout all years of study in an academic program.

For current tuition rates, visit the Tuition and Fees webpage for more information.

For any questions about the Sister-State Agreement Program, contact