Meet Our International Student Ambassadors

Our International Student Ambassadors are excited to chat with you about any questions regarding academics or life as a College of Charleston international student. Feel free to contact them via email or Instagram.

bain Ethan Bain

 Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
 Languages I speak: English
 Major: Economics Minor: Business Administration, Data Science



Instagram: CofCEthan







What are your favorite CofC classes?

My favorite class thus far has been ECON 310: International Economics with Dr. Mark Witte. However, I am currently taking ECON 324: Game Theory with Dr. Calvin Blackwell which I am very excited about.

At the moment, what is your career goal?

I have a passion for numbers and the business of professional sports. As a career, I would love to work in a setting in which I can combine these two loves. I hope that I can work in sports or economic data analysis.

Hobbies and interests:

I love the game of baseball and watch lots of New York Yankee Baseball in my free time. I love learning about different cultures and nuances of the Spanish language.

What CofC clubs/organizations are you part of?

In addition to being an International Student Ambassador, I am currently a Peer Advisor in the Academic Advising and Planning Center. Additionally, I am the Executive Chair of the Success Mentoring Program Student Advisory Board and a Peer Advisor, both in the Student Success Center in the School of Business.

What is your favorite thing to do at CofC on the weekends or after class? 

I love to explore and go on walks around the peninsula and try new foods around the city.

About me:

The reason that I chose CofC is because I thought that this would be a perfect environment for me to thrive. Coming from a small island in the Bahamas, Charleston seemed like the perfect place for me to be. The climate is very similar to that of the Bahamas so I thought that it would be an easier adjustment. In addition to the city of Charleston, I thought that the College of Charleston could be a perfect size school for me. With the population of around 10,000, I thought that it would be small enough so that I do not feel overwhelmed in a new city, but just big enough so that I am constantly meeting new people from all over the world.


 Alexandros (Alex) Katsikaris

 Hometown: Athens, Greece
 Languages I speak: Greek, English, Spanish 
 Major: Bachelor of Science in Psychology
 Honors College student


 Instagram: cofcalex


What is your favorite CofC class? Abnormal psychology

What is your career goal? Not a set career goal yet, but I am thinking about going to medical school and becoming a psychiatrist.

Hobbies and interests: Sports (especially basketball and soccer), traveling, spending time with my friends, and meeting new people.

What CofC clubs/organizations are you part of? Intramural basketball and the REACH program

What is your favorite thing to do at CofC on the weekends or after class? I love exploring the city of Charleston and going to the beach in my free time.

About me:

Why did you choose College of Charleston?

One of the main reasons why I chose the College of Charleston was the atmosphere of Charleston. The city really reminds me of Europe, and the people are always happy.  

International Alumni

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