Parts of the Application

Here's what we need to complete your application file:

All application materials must be either received or postmarked by the specified deadline. Remember, we can’t review your application and make a decision until your application file is complete.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive information about how to check the status of your application, and you’ll be able to see if anything is missing. 

Required Application Material

Applying to college can be stressful. But, we are here for you.

Undergraduate Application

Students who will be applying to the College of Charleston for admission in fall 2021, can choose whether or not they want to use test scores as part of the application-evaluation process. Applicants to the Honors College will not be required to submit test scores.

There are factors you will need to consider before you make your decision. Check out the answers we have prepared to some frequently asked questions about this change to our admission policy.

Early Decision Agreement Form

Go to the early decision agreement form.

Application Fee ($50)
You'll be prompted to pay the $50 application fee before you hit submit.

All freshman applicants are given the option of attaching an unofficial copy of their high school transcript for purposes of expediting the application review process. Applicants may upload documents in PDF format (maximum size 5 MB). Use a transcript listing grades and courses through the conclusion of your junior year, preferably with your senior year schedule included. Your transcript must show your full legal name and either date of birth or permanent address.

Applicants may decline the option of providing their own transcript, and instead may opt to have their counselor submit the transcript to the College of Charleston directly. Know this is acceptable but may delay processing; application files must be complete before the admissions committee can render a decision.

Transcripts should be submitted in one of the following formats:

Preferred methods:

SCOIR/Parchment/Naviance upload: College of Charleston (Charleston, S.C.)

Common App: College of Charleston (Charleston, S.C.)


Or, send via:

Mail: Office of Admissions, College of Charleston, 66 George Street, Charleston, S.C. 29424-0001

Fax: 843.953.6322

Transcripts reflecting completed dual enrollment (college) coursework may be sent any time but are not required to complete a freshman application file. College transcripts must be submitted directly from the institution of record prior to a student beginning classes at the College of Charleston.

The Office of Admissions reserves the right to request an official transcript at any time to assist with the decision process. All scholarship offers, including state scholarship offers, are contingent upon receipt of an official, final high school transcript from the school of record directly. Students must submit a final transcript, verifying graduation from high school, prior to starting classes at the College. 

Optional Application Material

Standardized Test Scores

If you chose to have your test scores reviewed with your application, we can accept either official or unofficial test scores to make an admission decision and award merit scholarships. Unofficial scores are those provided by you or your school. However, state scholarships will be awarded based on official test scores only.

If you falsify your test scores, even accidentally, we may have to revoke your admission decision and scholarship award.

We’ll accept unofficial test scores from:

  • high school transcripts,
  • high school counselors kindly forwarding your scores from the testing agency, or
  • testing agency websites (via screenshot, PDF, or jpg).

You may send unofficial/self-reported scores to We prefer that you download (or screenshot) your score report from the testing agency website and email that PDF. All scores must include your name, test date, all sub-scores, as well as one other piece of personal information (such as your address, email address, or testing agency ID).

By self-reporting your unofficial test scores, understand that your application file, if complete, will go under review immediately (based upon the test scores you’ve provided). We reserve the right to request your official test results at any point during the review process.

If you applied using unofficial test scores, you must provide your official test results (by June 1 for fall entrance or January 1 for spring entrance). To be considered official scores, scores must be sent directly from the testing agency (College Board or ACT) website to CofC via their electronic transmission service. It may take up to three weeks for your test scores to process. You’ll be unable to register for courses without your official test scores on file.  

Here are a few testing tips:

  • Our SAT code is 5113 and our ACT code is 3846.
  • Take both the SAT and ACT and submit all scores from all test dates. We only require one, but we’ll use your highest test scores on file when making a decision on your application. 
  • We don't require the SAT subject tests, but consider submitting your writing scores.
  • Test early! If you test your junior year, you'll have the chance to test again (if you want to).

Letters of recommendation

Recommendation letters are not required for undergraduate admission. But, if you would like to send letters of recommendation, limit them to two and request them from guidance/college counselors and/or teachers. You can mail, email or fax letters ( or 843.953.6322), or upload them via Parchment.

The Honors College requires one recommendation from a teacher in one of the following subject areas: English, Math, Science, History or a foreign language. You will provide us your preferred teacher's first name, last name and email address and the Honors College will reach out to them to solicit a reference. Your recommender must complete the Honors College recommendation for your application to be complete. Contact for more information on how to submit your letter of recommendation.


The College of Charleston does not offer interviews. If you would like, you can speak with a counselor during your campus visit. If you can't make it to campus, but a counselor is traveling to your area, you can request a sit-down. A sit-down is a great way for you to get information about the College — and it has no bearing on our admissions decision.

Résumés (etc.)

A résumé is required to complete your application to the Honors College. Contact if you have additional questions. 

Arts submissions and auditions

We do not require arts submissions or auditions for admission, and there is no separate application for the School of the Arts. However, there are some departmental scholarships available requiring auditions or portfolio reviews. Contact the School of the Arts for information on scholarship opportunities available for freshman.

Honors College Application

You will be asked on the online application if you would like to apply to the Honors College. If you indicate an interest in applying to the Honors College, the a supplemental Honors College application will be available in your portal once you submit your general application. Within the supplemental Honors College application, you will be asked to submit an Honors essay, a résumé, and contact information for a teacher to provide a recommendation. For more information on the Honors admissions process and requirements, visit If you have any questions, contact the Honors College directly at 843.953.1252 or


Residency for tuition purposes is determined when you submit your application. To learn more, contact the Legal Residency Office.

Connect with the Office of Admissions

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