About Early Decision


What is an Early Decision?

Early Decision applicants make a binding commitment to enroll at the College of Charleston if admitted.

When you apply Early Decision, you agree to the following if admitted:

Who should apply Early Decision?

You should select the Early Decision option only if you have identified the College of Charleston as your first choice, agree to enroll after acceptance and are not considering scholarships and financial aid as a primary factor in your decision.

While you will be evaluated for scholarships with your admission application (and those awards will be communicated with an acceptance letter), need-based aid and specialty scholarship awards are not released until March. If finances are a strong driver in the decision to enroll, we advise not applying Early Decision.

If you're considering Early Decision, you should discuss this application plan with both your family and your school counselor. Both signatures are a required part of the Early Decision Agreement.

Transfer applicants, students considering a gap-year and applicants who have already graduated from high school are not eligible to apply Early Decision.

What are the benefits of applying Early Decision?

Early Decision applicants will:

  • Be one of the first to receive your admissions decision
  • Receive a decision in advance of Early Action or Regular Decision.
  • Reduce stress by cutting time spent awaiting a decision.
  • Save time and expense of submitting multiple applications.

When will I receive my decision?

Check out the Admissions Deadlines page.

When do I have to submit all supplementary materials?

You must submit all high school transcripts, your signed Early Decision Agreement and test score(s) (if you choose to submit them) on or before the deadline

Can I apply to other institutions?

You may apply to other schools, but you may only apply to one school through a binding Early Decision process.

If you're accepted for Early Decision, you agree to withdraw any applications from all other colleges and submit a nonrefundable deposit. Check your admissions portal for details.

What is the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?        

If you are admitted through Early Decision, you'll make a binding commitment to enroll at the College of Charleston by the deadline. Application materials for Early Decision candidates must be submitted on or before by the deadline

The Early Action deadline is non-binding and provides applicants with their admission decision by based on this schedule. To be considered, the application and supplementary materials must be submitted by the deadline.

Can I still apply to Honors?

Yes. Visit the honors website to learn more about admission into the Honors College.

What happens if I’m admitted?

By applying Early Decision, you are agreeing to the following if admitted:

  • Decline any acceptances to institutions other than the College of Charleston.
  • Withdraw applications from all other institutions.
  • Submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit by the Early Decision deadline. Check your admissions portal for details.