Here's what you need to know about your decision deadlines:

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Early Decision 

Apply by: October 15
Receive your decision on: December 1
Enroll by: January 5


Early decision is a binding commitment to enroll at the College of Charleston in the following fall if admitted. If the College of Charleston is your first choice, and you won't use scholarships and financial aid as a primary factor for deciding which school is the best fit for youthen early decision is the best choice for you!

You may apply to other schools but may only apply to one school through a binding early decision process. If accepted for early decision, you agree to withdraw all applications from any other colleges to which you applied. And, you must submit a nonrefundable deposit by January 5. 

Transfer applicants and students considering a gap-year are not eligible for early decision. 

You must submit your application, signed Early Decision Agreement, all high school transcripts, and, standardized test scores (if applicable) by October 15. Decision letters are issued December 1. To learn more, check out our FAQ.

Early Action

Apply by: November 1
Receive your decision on: December 15

Early action is non-binding and provides you with your admission decision by December 15. To be considered, your application must be complete by November 1. 

Students who wish to receive first consideration for the Honors College should submit their application by November 1. 

Regular Decision

Apply byJanuary 15
Receive your decision on: March 1

To receive your decision by March 1, your application file must be complete by January 15.

Priority will be given to applicants who apply on or before January 15. Applications completed after January 15 will be considered on a rolling and space available basis.

Enrollment and Housing Deposits 

Apply byMay 1

You must submit your enrollment deposit by May 1. On-campus housing is guaranteed if you've paid your enrollment and housing deposits, as well as completed the housing application by May 1.

Spring Semester

Apply byNovember 1

For consideration for the spring semester, your application for admission and supplementary materials must be submitted online, emailed, or postmarked by November 1.

For those admitted students seeking housing, an enrollment deposit and housing application should be submitted as soon as possible thereafter. On-campus housing for spring semester is offered if space is available.

Essay Prompts:

The College of Charleston essay options are the same as the Common Application essay prompts. We also allow you to provide an essay using a topic of your choice