Cougar Advantage

This Cougar Advantage program gives access to one of the finest public liberal arts and sciences universities in the region to some motivated and high-achieving South Carolina students. Students who meet certain eligibility requirements (listed below) will be guaranteed admission to the College of Charleston. For some of those students, the cost of tuition will also be met through the Cougar Advantage Pledge.

Students Who Will Qualify

  • Seniors attending any public high school in South Carolina
  • Students who are in good standing and eligible to graduate in the top ten percent of their class
  • Students enrolled in a varied, rigorous high school curriculum that meets South Carolina Commission on Higher Education requirements for admission to a four-year public college

What qualifying students need to do

  • Apply for admission by February 15.
  • Submit transcripts (and test scores, if not applying Test Score Optional) by February 15.
  • Meet College of Charleston admissions requirements – including those pertaining to criminal and disciplinary history, legal presence standards and high school graduation.
  • File the FAFSA by March 1. (The FAFSA is available beginning on October 1.)
  • Enroll at the College of Charleston immediately following graduation. Gap-year students and transfer students are ineligible.

Cougar Advantage Pledge

  • The Cougar Advantage Pledge is for students who are eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant (regardless of the amount) and who meet the Cougar Advantage qualifications. They will receive, at minimum, gift aid to cover tuition (currently $12,518) from a combination of federal, state and institutional sources. The pledge is renewable for three years beyond the freshman year for students who remain state scholarship eligible.