Decision Information

Here's what you need to know about your admission decision.

Accepted students are able to join CougarNation in the fall so long as they take the next steps—from confirming enrollment and financial aid to securing housing and registering for orientation. Acceptance to the College is contingent upon maintaining the high level of academic performance that warranted admission for the duration of the applicant's high school career. The admissions committee will review official final transcripts reflecting any coursework currently in progress. Applicants are encouraged to make lasting memories and enjoy every second of their senior year without sacrificing their standard of academic excellence to ensuring they are able to take advantage of this opportunity to do something truly extraordinary.

Deferred students are early applicants who may very well be eligible for admission once the admissions committee has been able to see the entire pool of applicants or received additional information reflecting a more comprehensive academic profile (e.g. first semester grades, additional test scores, etc.). As long as the Office of Admissions receives adequate information to formulate a more comprehensive academic profile, deferred applicants will be notified of a final decision on or before March 1. Deferred applicants are required to submit fall semester grades to be considered further for admission. Read the Deferred Student FAQs. 

The Charleston Bridge Program is for students whose goal it is to earn a College of Charleston undergraduate degree but will benefit from a transitional semester at Trident Technical College. Once they have been accepted to and completed the requirements of the Charleston Bridge Program during the fall semester, they will have a seamless transfer pathway to the College of Charleston the following spring semester. At the end of the fall semester, students who have earned at least a 2.6 GPA in full-time (at least 12 transferable credits) fall semester coursework will be eligible to transfer to the College of Charleston in the January immediately following the end of the fall semester. Learn more about Charleston Bridge

iCharleston is a unique and innovative first-year international bridge program that encourages future College of Charleston first-year students to grow as individuals, develop an affinity for the College of Charleston, and actively engage in a high-impact educational experience within a supportive community emphasizing global citizenry through a holistic academic experience abroad. iCharleston students return to campus after one semester and immediately transition successfully into the spring semester, living on campus and enrolling in classes like any other second semester freshman. Learn more about iCharleston.

Denied applicants may opt to transfer to the College of Charleston in the future. Denied applicants are only eligible to apply to the College of Charleston again as transfer students after completing at least 12 educational college level credits and earning a cumulative college grade point average of a 2.6.