Gap Year or Post Grad Year Applicants

Deferred Enrollment and Gap Year

Freshmen are eligible for deferred enrollment or a gap period (up to one academic year). Transfer students are not eligible for deferred enrollment or a gap period.

College Coursework Elsewhere

If a student decides to take college coursework during their gap period, acceptance to the college will be voided and their status will switch to a transfer applicant. College transcripts will be required and the application will be subject to the transfer admissions requirements. Please note: a change in status from freshman to transfer will void any institutional scholarships. Additionally, South Carolina residents should be aware of S.C. state scholarship eligibility requirements once college coursework has begun.

Process for Requesting Deferred Enrollment or a Gap Period

Students must email Iesha Steele, at, specifying how long (one or two semesters) they wish to take, as well provide a brief summary of their intended activities during this time.

In order to confirm your deferment, you must pay the $400 enrollment deposit. This deposit will be transferred over to the future term for which you intend to enroll. Deposits paid are non-refundable. 

Requests must be submitted no later than June 1.