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Group Tour Request Form

Thank you for your interest in visiting the College of Charleston! Group tours are offered Tuesday through Thursday for parties with 10 or more guests. We can accommodate up to 60 guests in one group, but no more. Once this form is complete, we will arrange your tour and contact you via email with visit details. You must provide an email address in order to book your tour. 

Before submitting the request form, please be aware of the following things: 

  • While we welcome all guests, priority is given to prospective high school and transfer student groups. This means that we may be unable to accommodate elementary and middle school group during peak visit times.  
  • Due to a reduced number of tour guides, group tours will be limited over the summer months. 
  • Tours consist of a thirty minute information session and 45 minute walking tour of the campus. Information sessions cover opportunities at the College of Charleston, admissions requirements and our admissions process as well as scholarship and financial aid resources. While they are a great way to learn more about what the College has to offer, they are not always appropriate for all groups.

Again, please note that your visit is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email from our campus visit coordinator. We are excited to host your group, and if you have any questions, please email or call 843.953.6484.

Due to spring semester's end and final exams, group tours will not be held April 24-May 12. Group tours will resume May 15-August 11. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

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