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Schedule a Sit-Down

The College of Charleston does not require interviews. However, while we are traveling we do host Sit-Downs — informal discussions between students and admissions counselors. These discussions are for students who can't make it to campus to talk with a counselor.


If an admissions counselor is traveling in your area, you may request a Sit-Down. Counselors will make every effort to accommodate as many students as possible.

(Sit-Downs in the fall are typically reserved for seniors. Spring Sit-Downs will be available to all students as space allows. Transfer student Sit-Downs will be scheduled upon request.)

Contact your admissions counselor directly to schedule an appointment, or keep an eye out for Sit-Downs near you.

For our international students who may not have the opportunity to participate in a Sit-Down, don't worry! We can SKYPE you in! Contact your admissions counselor to schedule a virtual Sit-Down using SKYPE. Search- INTLCofC to add us to your SKYPE contacts!