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Richard Bodek

Richard Bodek

Richard Bodek grew up in McKeesport, a small steel town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

He earned his B.A. in anthropology from Johns Hopkins University and Ph.D. in Modern German and European History from the University of Michigan.

His teaching interests range widely from science fiction to detective fiction to popular culture to radical politics. This curiosity is also reflected in his research. 

His work as a labor historian is shown in Proletarian Performance in Weimar Berlin: Agitprop, Chorus, and Brecht,which argues that many works of Weimar modernism emerged from proletarian forms and a proletarian aesthetic sphere. His interest in intellectual history prompted the co-edited volume, The Fruits of Exile: Central European Intellectual Immigration to America in the Age of Fascism. His interest in cultural anthropology emerges in Maroonage/Marronage: Maroons in Culture, History, and Society. Finally, his continuing interest in the "Golden Twenties"  prompted his translation of Claire Bergmann's 1932 German novel (banned by the Nazis), Was wird aus deinen Kindern, Pitt? (What Will Become of the Children?). At present, he is at work on a history of murder in Occupied Germany.

On a personal note: As a native of western Pa., Prof. Bodek bleeds black and gold. Every year, the Pirates break his heart, and his children have never forgiven him for turning them into Pirates fans. Thank goodness for the Penguins, he notes, who at least always try! 

Scott Peeples

Scott Peeples

A Charleston native, Scott Peeples earned his B.A. in American Studies from Georgetown University, an M.A. in English from the College of William and Mary, and a Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University.

In 23 years at the College of Charleston, he has taught a wide array of courses, with topics ranging from Gothicism to 19-century American poetry to Bob Dylan. Prof. Peeples has collaborated with students on three SURF (Summer Research with Faculty) Grants, each leading to a national conference presentation for the student. He is the recipient of the College's Distinguished Research Award and Distinguished Advising Award. He also has served as chair of the Department of English, and is currently secretary of the Faculty Senate.

Prof. Peeples has published extensively on 19-century American literature, with a primary focus on Edgar Allan Poe. His books include Edgar Allan Poe Revisited, The Afterlife of Edgar Allan Poe and The Oxford Handbook of Edgar Allan Poe, (co-edited with J. Gerald Kennedy), which brings together 45 essays on Poe's career, writings and influence. He received a Fulbright Scholars Grant to lecture and lead workshops on Poe and American literature in Moscow, Russia. He is a former president of the Poe Studies Association is currently a board member of the Poe Museum (Richmond, Va.) and vice president of the Southeastern American Studies Association.

Evan Parry

Evan Parry

Evan Parry is an associate professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Previously he taught at the University of Buffalo and Michigan State University.

Prof. Parry is head of Theatre Performance, and has taught a variety of courses in theatre and dance, as well as in film studies. Among those courses are Acting 3 & 4, Movement for the Actor, Acting Shakespeare, Introduction to Film Art, Stage Combat, Contact Improvisation, Music and the Arts in Spoleto, and an overseas study program, Art and Theatre in London. He also regularly teaches a First-Year Experience course, Female Action Figures on Screen.

He received his B.A. from the State University of New York at Buffalo and his M.F.A. from the Florida State University/Asolo State Theatre Conservatory. Past and current union and association memberships include: Actors Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild-Allied Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Society of American Fight Directors, Voice and Speech Trainers Association, South Carolina Theatre Association.

Prof. Parry continues to work professionally as a performer, director, and fight director with a variety of companies in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Among his areas of research interest are Shakespeare, Physical Theatre, and Proxemics in Theatre and Film.