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Parts of the Application

The College of Charleston is dedicated to offering students a global experience, and we feel the best way to do that is by bringing international students from all over the world to our campus. Are you ready to join our community? First, make sure you submit the correct type of application:


A freshman applicant is one entering university directly after secondary school (high school). If you are applying as a freshman, click here for detailed application instructions.


A transfer applicant is a student applying for a Bachelor degree that has completed high school and has taken additional coursework in one or more post-secondary institutions (college or university). If you are a transfer student, please click here for detailed application instructions.

For additional information on how your transfer credit will be reviewed please visit the Transfer Credit Resource Center.

 Visiting Student

College of Charleston welcomes international students who wish to study at the college for one or two semesters to apply as a visiting international student. The college admits two types of visiting students:

  • Students currently enrolled in college/university who plan to graduate from their home university but who wish to study abroad in the US.
  • Students who have graduated from high school who wish to study in the US before starting college/university in their home country.

Here's detailed instructions for how to apply as a visiting student. For more information, contact


A graduate applicant is a student who has completed at least a Bachelor degree or an equivalent higher education degree, and is interested in applying to a Master’s degree program. Graduate admission is coordinated by staff of each individual graduate program. To learn about the graduate application process, please click here for more information.

Graduate admission is not conducted by the undergraduate admissions office at the College. Each graduate program sets its own admission deadlines and requirements. All inquiries should be directed to the individual graduate offices.