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Parts of the Application

Here is what we need for your application to be considered complete. In order to meet our admissions deadlines, all application materials must be either received in our office or postmarked by the specified date. We encourage you to submit your materials before the deadline so we can review them sooner. Remember, we can’t review your application and make a decision until all parts of the application have been received.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive information about how to check the status of your application — and you’ll be able to see if anything is missing. You will also receive a unique ID number that you should use whenever you communicate with our office.


Online Application

Our online application includes a required short essay (250-500 words) as well as an optional personal statement (750 words maximum). This is your  opportunity to tell the admissions committee anything you think they should know. Please note that our application form is the only application form the College of Charleston will accept. We do not accept the Common Application. If you can’t use our online application, please contact us to make arrangements to apply another way.

$50 application fee

You will pay this fee when you submit the online application.

Secondary School Report

Your guidance counselor must complete a secondary school report for you. If you include your guidance counselor’s email address in your application, they will be able to complete this report online (we prefer this method).


Transcripts from each high school you attended. If you took courses at a college while you were in high school (known as dual-enrollment), be sure to request those transcripts as well. College courses do not normally appear on high school transcripts, so you will have to send those separately. If you are accepted, you are also required to submit your final high school transcripts at the end of your senior year, so we can see that you graduated, and that your grades were similar to what we saw when you applied.

You can submit your transcripts:
By FAX — 843.953.6322

Or by mail to:
College of Charleston
Office of Admissions
Attn: Transcripts
66 George Street
Charleston, S.C. 29424-0001

Standardized test scores

Either the SAT or the ACT is required and scores must be submitted directly from the testing agency. We do not require the SAT subject tests. We encourage you to complete these tests in your junior year so you have time to take them again in your senior year if necessary. Be sure to send us all your scores — if you take a test more than once, we’ll use your highest critical reading, math and writing section scores from the SAT or your highest ACT composite scores. Official scores should be sent directly from the testing service. The College of Charleston's code for the SAT is 5113 and for the ACT is 3846. It takes approximately four weeks for scores to reach the Office of Admissions, so keep that in mind when selecting your test date. Note: the College requires a writing score to be submitted as part of your standardized test scores. If you choose to submit only your ACT scores, you must take the ACT Plus Writing Test in order to meet this qualification. We highly encourage students to take both the SAT and ACT tests as well as to submit all scores from all test dates.


Applicants are required to submit one of the following short essays. There is a space for you to submit your essay on the online application (please do not send your essay to us separately from the online application). 250-750 words.

  • Option 1: What event in the last ten years will have the greatest impact on the millennial generation?
  • Option 2: Your YouTube channel just hit one million views. Describe your most watched video.

Applying to college is stressful. While there are many factors you can’t predict, crafting a successful college admissions essay is entirely within your control. With deadlines fast approaching – scholarship (Dec. 1) and regular notification (Feb. 1) – College of Charleston admissions counselors have a few tips for your admissions essay. Learn more

Honors College applicants must submit a separate 500 - 800 word essay. Visit for more information. 


Personal Statement. If you have not yet expressed something that deserves consideration from the admissions committee, this is your opportunity to do so. (Maximum 750 words.)

Note: We highly encourage students to complete the personal statement section. This section is optional for most students; however, if you have taken a GAP semester/year or if you are completing a post-grad year, this section is required to explain your activities over that time period. If additional space is required, you may submit your personal statement in a separate letter via email to Please include your full name (first, middle, and last) and complete mailing address on any attached information.

Letters of recommendation. Honors College applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation from teachers. If you want to submit letters of recommendation, please send no more than two. You may email your letters of recommendation to with the subject line “recommendation letter.” Be sure to include your full legal name, birth date and home address.

Interviews. The College of Charleston does not offer interviews. If you would like, you can speak with a counselor during your campus visit. If you can't make it to campus, but a counselor is traveling to your area, you can request a sit-down. A sit-down is a great way for you to get information about the College — and it has no bearing on our admissions decision.

Résumés, activity sheets, any other supplemental information. Please email anything else you want us to consider. Be sure to include your full name, birth date, and College of Charleston ID number, if you know it.

Arts submissions and auditions. We do not require arts submissions or auditions for admission, and there is no separate application for the School of the Arts. However, there are some departmental scholarships available requiring auditions or portfolio reviews. Please contact the School of the Arts for information on scholarship opportunities available for freshman.


You may apply for our Honors College within our regular online application. Honors College applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation, a resume and a 500-800 word essay. For more information on the Honors admissions process and requirements, please visit their website. If you have any questions, please contact the Honors College directly (843.953.7154 or


Residency for tuition purposes is determined when you submit your application. To learn more, contact the Legal Residency Office.