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Okay, I’m ready to apply. What now?

The admissions process can seem daunting. All those deadlines and requirements. But don't worry. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll apply and, hopefully, be accepted in no time!

Here you will learn what is needed for a complete application and find out what qualities and requirements our admissions committee is looking for. Be sure to keep an eye on our admission deadlines — we wouldn’t want you to miss out on scholarships or a spot in next year’s freshman class. If you have received any college credit, or taken AP, IB, or CLEP tests, we’ll tell you about how we award transfer credits as well.

When you are ready to apply, go to our online application! But first—check out these tips from our counselors or read the 8 Dos and Don'ts of College Admission Essays

At the College of Charleston, we expect excellence and the Office of Admissions is committed to helping you achieve it. Follow us on Twitter @cofcadmissions for tips, trends, deadline notifications, event reminders and more. We hope you have enjoyed our Day in the Life series @CofC. #ApplyCofC 

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