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Gap Year or Post Grad Year Applicants

Gap Year

The College of Charleston defines a Gap student as someone who has been admitted to the College as a freshman and who opts to takes a semester or year (two consecutive semesters) off between high school graduation and college enrollment. Students typically chose this option for a variety of reasons. Examples are working, travel, and personal motives

Coursework Elsewhere

If a student opts to take coursework elsewhere during their Gap period, their status as an admitted freshman is subject to change. In order to maintain acceptance to the College, students are not permitted to take coursework elsewhere. Rare exceptions to this stipulation may be granted but students must have prior approval from the College.

If a student decides to take coursework during their Gap period without prior approval, acceptance to the college will be voided and their status will switch to a transfer applicant. College transcripts will be required and the application will be subject to the transfer admissions requirements. Please note, a change in status from freshman to transfer will void any institutional scholarships. Additionally, South Carolina residents should be aware of the LIFE scholarship eligibility requirements once college coursework has begun.

Process for Requesting a Gap Period

A student must notify the College of Charleston in writing(email preferred) of their request to take a Gap period. They must specify how long (a semester or two semesters) they wish to take as well provide a brief summary of their intended activities during this time. This letter of request must be submitted no later than May 1 (for the fall semester) or December 1 (for the spring semester) to Christina DeCario, Associate Director, at Approval for the Gap period will be emailed to the student within 10 business days.

Post-Graduate Year

The College of Charleston defines a post-graduate year as a 13th year of high school. Students who choose this option will still be evaluated as a freshman applicant and will still be subject to the same freshman admission requirements. Students will follow the same admissions process but should submit an additional written statement detailing the intention of their post-grad year. Any questions concerning the post-grad year should be directed to the student’s admissions counselor.