Tuition and Fees

Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance (COA) is a total of all the usual expenses of being a student. The COA sets the maximum amount of financial aid a student can receive. The categories are defined by federal law but the amounts are determined by surveys of students at the College. 

Tri‐County Residents   In-State Other County Residents
Paid to CofC
Bridge Deposit (Non Refundable) $400 $400
Housing Application Fee      $50 $50
Paid to TTC
Residence Halls                        $2250 - $4500 $2250 - $4500
Meal Plan                               $1900 - $2225 $1900 - $2225
Bridge Program Fee              $1450 $1450
Trident Tech Tuition              $2264 - $3207 $2512 - $3558
Trident Tech Registration    $17 $17
Estimated Total $7931 - $11449 $8179 - $11800
$188.69 per credit hour - Charleston/Berkeley/Dorchester county residents
$209.34 per credit hour - Other South Carolina county residents
Students typically enroll in 12-17 hours each semester. Charleston Bridge students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours during the fall semester.

College of Charleston Residence Hall Rates (Charleston Bridge students can select from the following four residence hall options):

  • Buist Rivers ‐ Double Rate: $3000.00/Triple Rate: $2250.00
  • Craig Hall ‐ Double Rate: $3000.00
  • Joe E. Berry Hall - Double Rate: $3225.00/Triple Rate: $3100.00
  • Liberty Street -  Double Rate: $4500.00

Resident Meal Plans

  • All Access Diamond Plus $300 - Provides students with a VIP pass to campus dining halls any time of day or night that the facilities are open. Plus $300 per semester & 15 guest meals. The cost is per semester. $2225.00.
  • All Access plus $100 - Provides students with VIP pass to campus dining halls any time of day or night that the facilities are open. Plus $100 per semester & 15 guest meals. The cost is per semester.  $2050.00
  • 12 Meals per week Plus $275 Plan - Provides students with 12 guaranteed meals per week plus $275 Dining Dollars per semester and 15 guest meals. The cost of this plan is per semester. $1900.00

NOTE: Tuition & fees listed above are for the current academic year and will be subject to change in June.

Additional Estimated Expenses

  • Personal/Miscellaneous: $1823
  • Books and Supplies: $1236
  • Transportation (weighted average): $2100
  • Averaged loan fees: $65 – this is based on the student loan volume for undergraduate students and are included as required by the U.S. Department of Education.

*Although the COA is based on average expenses, many families find that their actual expenses can be less through careful planning. These estimated expenses may occur largely at the beginning of the semester, like Books and Supplies, or may be spread out of the semester, like Personal/Miscellaneous.

Important Details

  • As state‐affiliated institutions, tuition and fees are based on appropriations granted by the South Carolina General Assembly. Accordingly, the tuition and fees charged will be directly affected by the action of the legislature and are therefore subject to change without notice. 
  • The application fee and Bridge Deposit is paid directly to College of Charleston. All remaining costs (Room and board, Bridge Program Fee, Tuition, and Course Fees) should be paid directly to Trident Technical College.  
  • Students can access to pay to pay the fall semester bill (via Student Self Service) and to accept Financial Aid awards (via Financial Aid Self Service). 
  • The balance due must be paid to Trident Technical College no later than the August deadline. The offer to participate in Charleston Bridge will be rescinded if an outstanding balance remains and students will not be permitted to move into the College of Charleston residence hall. Courses for the fall semester will be dropped.
  • Questions about bill payment and financial aid should be directed to Trident Technical College. Contact information for Trident Technical College can be found here.
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